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Nutri Pot Full Set

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Model: Nutri Pot Full Set

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Nutri Pot cultivation is a simple system which would not require a large space and can overcome the frequency of watering.
This method is suitable for all types of plants and can reduce the cost of daily expenses increasing.

  1. Insert media with sufficient plant seedlings into pots wheelbase.
  2. Pots with seedlings put on white-footed vase.
  3. Mixing fertilizer solution A / B can be made individually (2ltr) with a mixture of A = B = 15ml and 15ml equivalent readings EC 2000 (2.0)
  4. Capacity of steel A / B in the white-footed vase is 2.5ltr
  5. For starters, recommended to adequately flush fertilizer solution A / B of the (outer) first pot to draw solution from the bottom (white vase) through the axis and the absorption will happen on its own.
  6. Encouraged to view the content of the fertilizer solution A / B within 2/3 days while the trees are still small change when the tree grows.

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