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Mould and Fungi often occurs due to the humidity level in your swiftlet house is very high. If one part of the planks are affected with Mould and Fungi, you may need to clean the affected areas to avoid the spores to be spread to the other planks due to spores being carried in the air.

If cleaning is not done thoroughly, it may affect swiftlet birds to leave the bird house. Remember that, even though, you may have cleaned the Swiftlet house, mould and fungi may still occur which is often due to the humidity of your swiftlet house. So, always keep your humidity at the recommended level to avoid mould and fungi. 

How to clean your Swiftlet house?
To eliminate mold and fungus, you may need to spray the whole house and on the affected areas with Swiftlet Vinegar with mixture of (1L:100L). You may use a cloth soaked with Swiftlet Vinegar or a brush to clean the affected areas. After cleaning the affected areas, you can spray the whole house again to ensure that the spores of the mold does not spread to other areas of the house. After the above application, repeat to spray every week for 2 weeks.


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